Weekly Update – 6/3/13

Weekends are a bad time to do updates so Mondays will be the new update day.

The week was not quite as productive as I had hoped. I did not get to designing cards for Loot Fest. However the locations are done and the basic character classes are finished. The advanced character classes are about 25% done. Here’s the lists of the classes so far. the classes are from 7 different worlds going by the code names, Time Before, New Earth, New L.A., Wild West, Steampunk, High Fantasy, and Maelstrom

Basic Classes

Fighter, Defender, Technician, Alchemist, Gunslinger, Scout, Terramancer, Precog, Tactician

Advanced Classes
Ninja, Paladin, Sniper, Psion, Monster Master, Archmage, Weapon Master, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Treasure Hunter, Bandit, Machinist, Mechanical Man, Warder, Druid, Shape Shifter, Big Game Hunter, Hacker, Chaos Lord, Agent, Chronomancer, Spirit Walker

Also thanks to Levi Mote over at Bonsai Games I have new Iconograpy for Dig Site, which should make its way onto the cards in the next few weeks. After I update the cards I’m going to do about twenty blind playtests with the new rules and iconography before resubmitting Dig Site to Game Salute.

I’m also starting development on a new dice rolling game, which is only in its conceptual phase but I should have new information next week.


About Elderhaven

Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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