Weekly Update 6/10/13 A New Project

I’m changing the working title of “Loot Fest” to “When Worlds Collide” I’m working on creating a slightly more serious theme and feel that the new name matches it better. I’ve also finished statting the bosses and gotten about half way through the  event deck. Once the event deck is finished I need to finish the items and put together a template for the cards before the game is ready for play testing.

Nothing new for Dig Site

I’m excited to announce the next project that Elderhaven will be working on.

Working Title: Elementary

Concept: Elementary is a dice drafting /deck building game that pits wizards against each other in competition for the top spot at their academy.


I’m also happy to invite anyone in the Albany, OR area to Tuesday game nights at Rhythm and Brews each 2nd and 4th Tuesday 6:00 PM – 10:00PM. Sponsored by Rhythm and Brews, We ❤ Nerds, Elderhaven Entertainment, and Bonsai Games. I’ll be bringing prototypes to the game nights starting the 24th so if you’re interested in an early look at Elderhaven’s games swing by.


About Elderhaven

Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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