Weekly Update – 6/25/13 – No Pictures This Week

This week has been great. When Worlds Collide and Elementary are coming along nicely and I’ll talk a little about mechanics from both games.


I got the first draft of all the cards and mechanics finished and will start testing as soon as the new printer arrives.

In Elementary the players will use five resources, four elemental essences and arcane parts, to build arcane equipment which they will use to try and earn Merits from various teachers. A few of the mechanics I wanted to highlight here are how scoring works, player placement versus golem placement, and resource management.

In Elementary the scoring takes place four times and each scoring round is overseen by a different professor who changes how the scoring works slightly. For example the Pyromancer gives slightly more Merits for fire essence than for other types of resources. Players also score when they build equipment for their labs.

There are two types of workers in Elementary, Wizards and Golems, each player only has one Wizard but players can build multiple Golems. Wizards can visit various locations around the school or work in the lab, Golems however can only work in their players lab.

Resources in Elementary are rolled, four by each player, at the beginning of every turn and then snake drafted by the players. Each player will be able to store up to five resources in their lab, ten if they build some equipment. Equipment will also allow the players to convert resources, and produce extra resources.


When Worlds Collide:

I’m about 50% of the way through the item cards and wanted to talk about a new mechanic that arose during the rehashing of the item cards. Originally When Worlds Collide used a grid and range was a component of ranged weapons, since range is no longer a component in the game I wanted ranged weapons to have something unique about them that made them different from melee weapons, so all ranged weapons now have a mechanic called “Support” which gives a benefit to other players attacking in the Supported location. Ranged weapons provide various effects under the Support mechanic such as additional damage dice, creature stat reduction, and increasing the number of creatures affected by the attack. In order to prevent Support abilities from becoming too powerful players can only claim one Support affect when they attack.


Early testing for When Worlds Collide and Elementary should start in the next two weeks and I’ll be taking copies to Rhythm and Brews game nights starting July 9th. Thanks for all the support guys.


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