Weekly Update (7/2/13) More about Mechanics

This week has been a slow one. The items for When Worlds Collide are moving much slower than anticipated. I have finished off the first two sets of Item cards and I’m about 70% done with the last set. Elementary is coming along nicely, I need to finish designing the cards and write a rule book, which is my least favorite part of game design.

Since I am still finishing up the item cards for WWC I wanted to talk about how they work in the game and the mechanics that surround them. Items are a significant part of WWC since they are a large part of character progression. When I started work on this game my initial intent was to create a Lootfest styled board game and so the item mechanics are a little more in depth than just having a deck that is drawn from.

There are six decks that make up the Items: Weapon Base, Weapon Enhancement, Weapon Socket, Armor Base, Armor Enhancement and Armor Socket. An item can have up to three cards in it; base, enhancement, socket and each part of an item adds to it’s effect.

Bases are what players will start with these are things like chain mail or short swords. Enhancements can be thought of as prefixes, Fiery and Acidic are both enhancements for weapons that add damage types to the weapon. Sockets can be thought of as suffixes for your item bases, Of the Ninja is a socket that affects critical rolls. As players play the game they will gain sockets and enhancements for their items and be able to swap out cards through different means. Additionally there are cards in the decks that are titles for the items an Item can only have one title card attached to it.

The last thing I wanted to talk about in this update is loot dice. I previously talked about the creature cards and mentioned the loot stat which is were loot dice come in. there are several levels of loot dice. Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic. The dice have sides that give credits, weapons, armor and increase the loot level.  Common items are just a base, uncommon adds an enhancement, rare has both a socket and an enhancement. Epic allows the player to draw two cards from the Base, Enhancement and Socket decks and keep one from each deck. If a player rolls the loot upgrade on the epic loot dice they may search through either the armor or the weapon decks and take one card from each one.

Thanks for all the support. Hopefully next week I’ll have some more pictures to post for everyone.


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