Weekly Update (7/9/13) Elementary!

This week has been interesting. I did not get anywhere with When Worlds Collide. However I did get Elementary up to the blind play testing phase.

I haven’t talked much about Elementary yet so here’s a basic rundown of the game. The players are all young wizards at a wizarding school competing for the schools highest honor during the last year of their studies. The players will visit the school’s various locations and spend Favor they have earned with the staff to gain resources and benefits. Additionally the players will be managing their magical lab to gain resources, Merits and convert resources. The game is part worker placement, part drafting, part resource management, and part adaptability.

Over the last weekend Bonsai Games and I played several games of Elementary and after removing a few mechanics that didn’t work as well as they should or just didn’t need to exist, I’m taking Elementary to the Rhythm and Brews game night tonight.

Since this game has grown by leaps and bounds over the last week I’m going to spend this post talking about some of the mechanics. Elementary is primarily about pleasing various professors to earn Merits (VP). There are five scoring resources in Elementary and each scoring round the value of those five resources is changed based on the professor that is over seeing that part of the game. Some professors give double points for certain resources while other professors give bonus points when players perform certain actions.

The resources are integral to winning Elementary and they are gained by drafting dice that are rolled every round, by visiting different parts of the school, or by processing resources in the player’s lab. The five Scoring resources are; Earth Essence, Wind Essence, Water Essence, Fire Essence, and Arcane Components. Arcane Components are the easiest to come by, but also the most frequently used resource. The sixth resource, Favor is not scored, but is used to gain various benefits at the school.

The last part of Elementary I wanted to talk about is the lab space. Players gain and build equipment cards to improve their labs abilities. However players only have so much space in their lab so they will have to plan accordingly. Equipment is used for various things such as converting resources,  gaining resources, re-rolling drafted dice, storing extra resources between rounds, and building Golem helpers.

So far my play testers have enjoyed the game, and hopefully tonight when I get a chance to try it out on people that are not immediate friends that trend will continue. Thanks for reading. If you are interested in play testing and don’t mind printing and cutting things out send me an E-mail and we’ll work something out.


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