Weekly Update (7/23/13) Unexpected Progress

This week has been more productive than last week, but only by a hair. I thought most of the work I accomplished this week would be on Either Elementary or When Worlds Collide. Instead I made some great headway with Project Elderhaven, the RPG I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a few months.


The game is based on D6’s and the primary mechanics involves the player assigning jobs to each side of their dice. For combat I might assign Accuracy to the 1-3 sides of my dice pool, 4-5 I could assign Power leaving the 6 side for an Effect or Technique. For Skills I might assign Quality to the 1,3,5 sides of my dice and assign magnitude to the 2,4,6 sides of my dice or I could leave a side open for a profession skill.

Above I mentioned some game jargon, so I’ll go ahead and explain what Accuracy, Power, Effects, Techniques, Quality, Magnitude, and Profession Skills are.

When you attack in combat you roll once if the accuracy you rolled matches the defense of your target then you hit and apply the Power that you rolled as damage to your target. Effects are multipurpose sides, A mage might have Fire as an affect that would apply extra Power to their roll as well as applying 1 level of fire damage to their target. Techniques are similar to Effects, except they don’t do the same thing every time they are rolled. For instance a melee fighter who specializes in debuffs might have the Dirty Fighting technique applied to their dice which when rolled would give them points to spend on applying debuffs to their target.

Skills work similarly to combat rolls. Quality measures how professionally or well executed the skill was and Magnitude measures the power of the skill roll. For instance when rolling a stealth skill check the quality would measure how well hidden you are and the magnitude would show how well you can move while maintaining the stealth. Professional Skills are similar to Techniques and Effects. An Artificer might roll to craft a magical item and get several professional effects that allow them to add extra enchantments to the item or add extra slots that could later be filled.

Players will, as they progress their character, be able to; assign more identical sides to their dice pool, gain more Effects and Techniques, split their dice pool into sub pools where each pool has a different set of sides assigned, and add dice to their dice pool.



The setting is what I call spell-punk and is inspired by several books I’ve read and a few movies/series I’ve watched. Essentially the game takes place in an alternative 1800’s Earth where magic is everywhere.

History says the Gods created the earth, heavens, humans, and creatures. When they had finished they had to leave, history doesn’t say why, and their last parting gift were the Elder Dragons which they tasked with defending Humans from demons and fairies. Then war came between the elder dragons the demons and the fey. The Earth was nearly lost and humanity almost became extinct. The Elder Dragons fearing defeat interbred with humans creating the Dragonkin and giving Humans the ability to fight off Demons and Fey for themselves. Elder Dragons having spent most of their energy to interbreed with the humans retreated below the earth surface to sleep. The game is set many centuries later.

The history isn’t completely fleshed out out yet but, above is the general world origin involved. Each of the continents had an Elder Dragon that guarded them and taught them magic. The Dragonkin are what most people think of when they hear Dragon, the Elder Dragons are more like primordial totem spirits. Since the Elder Dragon War humans have established countries whose monarchs can trace their bloodlines back to the Elder Dragons and who carry a strong level of magic due to their heritage. I’m still working out the countries, religions, and cosmology but I’m very happy with where things are going.


Thanks for reading. I’ll have more for you next week about this, Elementary, and possibly Dig Site.


About Elderhaven

Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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