Weekly Update (7/31/13) A day late

This week has been very hectic, hence the late update post. I’ve been busy with projects for the We Heart Nerds website. Despite the busyness progress was made on a couple of fronts.

I got some great feedback from the latest round of Elementary play tests and will be adding some new features to the game in the next week or so. The biggest pieces of feedback were “more player interaction.”, “More classes/placement options.”, and “more opportunities to gain equipment cards.” So in an effort to do all of that I’m going to rework how the classes work in the game. I want the individual player tokens to have more affect on the game than the Golems do, but as the game stand right now I believe Golems should have a slightly greater affect on the game as well, so I’m going to take the classes and split their affects up so that some classes will allow golems to be placed on them while others are strictly wizards only. I am also in the process of designing more classes that will be randomly chosen at the start of the game and then switched out during the halfway point of the game. Finally I’m working on a board that will lay things out a little more nicely and provide a set of static actions the players could take, such as “Draw Equipment.” “Gain X Resource.”, Ect.

On the RPG front the system is coming along nicely in my head and the setting is getting fleshed out as I have time to brain dump throughout the week. I’m talking with Bonsai Games about a collaboration as they are also looking at putting together an RPG system. I’m excited about the possibility to work with them on a collaborative project because they are amazing people to work with.

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in helping play test send me an e-mail and I’ll put together a print and play kit for you.


About Elderhaven

Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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