Weekly Update (8/6/13) Revisions!

This week has been another busy week due to other jobs I have, however I managed to get the new version of Elementary polished off and ready for some play testing.

The changes I made are ones I’ve talked about previously. Golems are more useful now that they can be sent to some of the location slots, there are a select number of slots that are permanently available and some that swap out over the “summer break” round, and there’s now six new locations to explore. I believe that the changes will give the players more interaction and allow them to exert more power over their hands.

I’ve also started revising the rule set for both Elementary and Dig Site. Writing rule books is my least favorite part of the game design process, but it’s a super important part. Dig Site’s previous rule set had some issues with flow and easy presentation of material, which I hope this revision will fix. Elementary’s rule set seemed to work fairly well during the last round of blind play testing but needs to be updated with the latest changes and a few rough spots need to be cleared up.

Lastly I’m putting together a Print-And-Play pack for both Elementary and Dig Site so if you are interested in play testing or just want to see what all these posts are about send me an E-mail and I’ll get them to you.


About Elderhaven

Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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