Weekly Update 8/27/13: No more workers

Progress continues on Elementary. After some serious thought I decided to remove the worker placement mechanics and replace that part of the game with a different set of mechanics. The players will now have a spell book that functions similarly to the lab space accept that it is limited by number of cards, rather than a stat on the cards. Spells are the play players interact. They allow the player to take the Teacher’s Pet Token, steal resources, gain merits, sabotage other players equipment and a plethora of other useful interactions.

I’ve also removed Favor for now. The reason for this was two fold. Favor was primarily in the game to create a balance for some of the more powerful placement effects and since the placement is gone the favor was less useful unless it powered spells, which is still a possibility I’m considering. Secondly I felt that the second part of favor, it’s use as a bidding mechanic to choose the next professor, tended to favor the player in the lead and was not necessary. Right now the spells run off of the same resource the equipment does and unless it doesn’t work well I’m leaning towards leaving that resource out of the game.

Other than Elementary reworks not much else has happened. I’m looking into a smaller size tile for Dig Site, but the sizes offered cheaply are either too big or too small so far.

Thanks again for reading and if you’re interested in helping play test send me an E-mail and I’ll add you to the list.


About Elderhaven

Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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