Weekly Update 9/10/13 Cutting a Few More Mechanics.

After another round of play testing I think I’ve solved the problems I mentioned in the last update. I reworked the scoring for all the cards primarily to make it clearer when players scored and how much they scored, but also to increase the strategy of building equipment and lower the power of the starting cards. I’ve also removed the dice drafting mechanic and changed the resources. The game was primarily card driven after removing the worker placement and so it made more sense to change the resources and dice to cards. Instead of drafting dice the players will take a hand of five cards, one of each resource, and pass/draft them until there is only one left at which point they will return the unused cards to their respective resource decks. I’m considering making Golem cards instead of using the tokens to further push the components lists towards being entirely card based, but I’m not sure yet if I want to. All the changes have been wonderful so far and have really tightened up the game play so I’m very happy with them.

I’ve also started formulating a game that was going to be called burger meister until I got a chance to google it and found that a game already had that name. Thankfully it looks like that game is not the game I was formulating, but does already have the title. I’ve had a super busy week filled with weddings and video editing so there’s not much else to report on the development side. As always thanks for reading and following my little development posts. If you are interested in playing Dig Site or Elementary send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the PnP files,


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Elderhaven is a small game design studio.

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  1. How about Burgerfuerer? I still like Lutefest w stringed instruments as the weapons.

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