Monthly Archives: October 2013

Weekly Update 10/29/13 Upcoming projects and concepts

This week I’ve been working mostly on the party drafting game I mentioned previously. The basic concept is that the players are trying to gain the most renown as an adventuring guild. The primary mechanic is drafting and a little cooperative competition. The players will take turns drafting adventurers and sending them to dungeons, the adventurers have several skills; Combat, Magic, Traps, Leadership, and Scouting. The Combat, Magic, and Trap skills are used while completing rooms. The Scouting and Leadership skills are used to look ahead when exploring the dungeon and give a player control over choices made in the dungeon. Adventuring parties will continue exploring rooms until the leader decides not to continue or they defeat a boss room. Once the players complete a dungeon all players that sent adventurers will get renown points and the player that controlled the leader will get bonus points.


Another upcoming project is NaNoWriMo. This year I’m going to write setting for Elderhaven so by the end of November I’ll hopefully have 50,000 words of setting for that project. Which will then need to be heavily edited. I might just post bits of that project during the next month since it will require most of my free time.

As for other projects Elementary is still coming along nicely, once I get to pick up some ink for my printer I’ll have the next PnP build ready and will be able to get back to playtesting it. Dig Site still needs to get new iconography. As always thanks for reading and if you want copies of any of the PnP files send me an E-mail and I’ll get them to you.


Weekly Update 10/22/13 Nothing New

This week I’ve been busy with new job training so there’s nothing new to report. Check back next week for more info about the game development.

Weekly Update 10/15/13 Progress along different lines

Following last weeks post about constantly play testing, I of course didn’t get any playtesting done. However I did make headway with the Elderhaven setting additionally I’ve been working on a module for Iron Kingdoms. So nothing to report on the progress of Elementary, but a little to report on the RPG setting.

Previously the Elder haven setting was primarily a nebulous concept that was interesting but very unformed. This week while I was working on an Iron Kingdoms module for and upcoming We ❤ Nerds podcast. I had some time to think about the direction I want to take with the setting.

I’ve settled on a cosmology that I like and feel creates an interesting world for the played. I know I want the world to be “Spell-punk”. A world where magic is treated like a science and it’s development is a driving force in the settings narrative. Additionally I want there to be many different type of magic and applications of magic, something that the cosmology facilitated. During a very early drive it occurred to me that a points of light approach to the world setting would fit really well and add a lot of interesting aspects to the game. I still don’t have mechanics to go along with the game yet, but I feel that getting the setting established is a bigger priority at this point.

Progression based on character actions rather than an experience total is a concept that Bonsai Games and I have talked about a little and one that I like the concept of, but I’m not sure if it’s the best mechanic for the setting.  I’ve also worked on a mechanic that allows the players to pick what they’re rolls do for them, but it’s a little to complicated as is.

I’ll have more info on the setting and Elementary next week. Thanks again for reading.