Monthly Archives: November 2013

Weekly update 11/5/13 RPG Settings

As I mentioned last week, in honor of NaNoWriMo I’m writing 50,000 words for the Elderhaven setting, which isn’t actually a novel, but it is a fictional narrative. So far it has been going well, most of what I’m writing is just exploratory writing and will need some heavy editing, but I’m pleased with the direction so far. 

Rather than rewrite a bunch of stuff that I’ve already written I’m just going to invite everyone to read along. So here is a link to a public folder so that people will be able to follow along with the writing this month. As I said previously this is largely exploratory writing that will need heavy editing, so it will not be a perfect read.

Since I will be updating the public files each day I’m going to dispense with the weekly updates for the rest of this month and will start back up the first Tuesday of next month.

Thanks again for reading.