Monthly Archives: December 2013

12/11/13 Last Post for the Year.

With the Holidays coming up so quickly and my schedule about to become a little crazy I’m going to make this one last post and then be back in January.

Right now I’m in the middle of a few processes. Digsite has been neglected for too long and I really need to take a few days to find, or design my own icons. I’ve been putting it off for a while and really need to do it, because it’s what’s holding back development of the game. Once I have new icons I need to write a new rules set too.

I have ink again so I can print out the latest Elementary copy and start play testing it again. I’m happy with where it’s at currently but it needs more refinement before I show it to any publishers.

Other Projects:

When Worlds Collide: the game is still on the table but has fallen beside my other projects.

Party People: I’m struggling to find a set of mechanics that fit what I’m trying to accomplish here and might cut the game in the near future.

Partners In Crime: Still in very early conceptual design here.

God game: haven’t messed with it for a while and will probably leave it until at least Elementary and Digsite are in a state i feel is complete and ready to just create as a PnP.

The rest of this month I’ll be going back to Digsite and Elementary to take care of fiddly bits that I’ve been letting build up. The fiddly bits are things like, updating artwork, updating rules, removing rules that are artifacts of previous versions, and of course play testing.


Thanks again for reading and Happy Holidays. As always if you’re interested in play testing please send me an E-mail.


12/3/13 Post NaNo Update: I Made it!

I finished NaNoWriMo, for those interested in the very rough draft of the Elderhaven Setting you can check out the result of my NaNoing here.

In other news. I have a few new ideas for projects, however I’m not quite ready to start posting them here. I haven’t worked on any of my current projects since the start of November, so the updates will be a bit light the first few weeks back.

I’m very happy with how the writing for the setting went this past month. It set up roots and became much more concrete than it was previously. I do not have a system that I want to use with the setting yet. The setting evolved a lot during this first rough draft into something of a fantasy-punk-points-of-light setting. I’m very excited about developing the world further, and will be editing the writing I did this last month when I get time.

The holidays are a little hectic so over this next month I’ll be trying to organize and get prepared for upcoming projects. As always if you are interested in playtesting or just seeing what I’m working on please send me an E-mail to be put on the mailing list.