Monthly Archives: May 2014

It’s been a while.

Gamestorm was great, I didn’t get to play test Dig Site as many times as I wanted but I did get feedback from several people I was hoping to get the game in front of. After Gamestorm, I took Dig Site to our local Table Top Day event and Just A Game Con were I got to test it even more. I’m mostly happy with the current state. A few things still need to be ironed out, I’m moving back to putting scoring tokens into the game instead of leaving all the scoring on the cards. The reason being that towards the end of the game the players felt like they had no way of “finding” new Treasures since they had all been filtered out of the deck. Since I’ll be moving in the next couple of months It might be another long break between updates, but I will try update this blog more frequently.

Other projects have been in the works as well. I’ve rotated Elementary, God Game, and Partners in Crime back onto my metaphorical desk. Most of the work has been on God Game and Elementary, which are still a ways off from being ready for any large scale testing.