Dig Site (Working Title)

Dig Site is an archaeological exploration game for 2-6 players.

Dig Site is a game of dirty tricks and exploration. You’ll search ancient rooms for long lost artifacts, dodge your way through traps and deal with perilous curses. However there are things even more dangerous than eldritch carvings and long forgotten traps, your fellow archaeologists.

A new archaeological dig site has been found! Just below the blistering sands of the desert a treasure trove of monetary and scientific discovery awaits, however you and your fellow archaeologists have all arrived at this new site at the same time and after much arguing have agreed that who ever can recover the most fragments during the first eight days of excavation will be allowed to claim the rights to the rest of the archaeological finds in the ruins. So grab your rucksack, fedora, and get to work.


When Worlds Collide (Working Title)

Something is wrong across the multiverse. Orcs have been seen in the streets of New L.A. and Cyborgs have been seen walking the streets of Black Branch.  The Maelstrom an unexplained flux in space-time has opened and all the universes are colliding. a new organization by the name of “Haven” has arisen to combat the Maelstrom. You have been recruited by Haven to help them close the Maelstrom by any means possible.

When Worlds Collide is a cooperative game for 1-6 players in early development. The players will fight their way across a number of varied locations collecting loot and trying to put things right before horrible things emerge from the Maelstrom.


Elementary (Working Title)

After three long years at Haeriathan Hall, the most prestigious wizardry school in all the lands, you’ve made it to your senior year. You and several of your classmates are up for the Aetheric Alchemist, a very prestigious and competitive honor. Throughout the year each of the students will be evaluated and at the graduation ceremony the winner will be announced.

Elementary is a 2-4 player dice drafting / resource management game that pits fledgling wizards against each other in competition for the top honor at their academy.


Elderhaven (Setting)

Elderhaven is a spell punk setting based in an alternative 1800’s Europe.


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